Gordon Food Service’s top leaders, as well as Relish and 1871's network of successful entrepreneurs, experts, and investors support The Food Foundry companies throughout the accelerator program. Our mentors include:

  • Rich Wolowski

    Chief Executive Officer, Gordon Food Service

  • Troy Henikoff

    Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners

  • Mona Maitra

    Director, Silicon Valley Bank

  • Reid Lappin

    Chief Executive Officer, Vokal

  • Alisha Cieslak

    Chief Legal and Risk Officer, Gordon Food Service

  • Betsy Ziegler

    Chief Executive Officer, 1871

  • Mack Tilling

    Chief Innovation Officer, Relish Works

  • Joe Mott

    US Senior Manager of Sales & Customer Marketing, Gordon Food Service

  • Alison Radecki

    Chief Information Officer, Beam-Suntory

  • Mark Eriks

    Chief Supply Chain Officer, Gordon Food Service

  • Luke Saunders

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Farmer's Fridge

  • Jeff Maddox

    Chief Financial Officer, Gordon Food Service

  • Adam Niemur

    Director of Digital Experience, North America, Gordon Food Service

  • Laurie Bauer

    Partner, Latham & Watkins

  • Bob Gillespie

    Serial Entrepreneur

  • Greg Robbins

    Managing Member, Erraza LLC

  • Andy Cohen

    Senior Vice President of Sales,

  • Dinsh Guzdar

    President, f'real foods

  • Kyle Welch

    President, Chicago Scoops LLC.

  • Tony Owen

    Managing Partner, Frontera Hospitality Group; and President, DOM Capital Group

  • Tiffany A. Wan

    Executive Director, J.P. Morgan; Blockchain and Payment Specialist

  • Pat Riley

    Chief Executive Officer, GAN

  • Kelly Smallegan-Maas

    Digital Marketing Manager, North America, Gordon Food Service

  • Kenneth D. Cramer

    Partner, Paradigm Counsel LLP

  • Joe Shenton

    Partner, Summit Trail Advisors

  • John Powers

    Director, Donovan Food Brokerage

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