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How can restaurants better market to diners in the age of social media?

Digital marketing can be an intimidating space for restaurant operators, yet the business of influencer marketing is booming.

The emergence of new social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram have accelerated the rise of influencer marketing and the pace of going viral on social media and all this is driving real life consumer behaviors. Instagram and TikTok are legit professional paths, particularly for a generation that grew up online.



We don’t have the time or resources to hire for social media. But if we did we’d hire someone who could get us on apps like Tik Tok and Snapchat, the apps we don’t know how to use.

Influencers harness 5 times better engagement rate than the average food or beverage brand.

Operators can’t do it all – and when it comes to marketing, influencers just might do it better.

Al S.
Picasso Restaurant


Influencers will trade content for meals – but they also want easy-to-plan gigs.


My account is more of a hobby, I have a normal 9-5 during the day so I don’t have time for 65 email exchanges to plan one visit.

The $16.4B influencer economy is powered by 50 million global creators, 94% of whom are amateurs.

Claudia Saric
9.5K Follower Instagram Influencer

Relish Works’ latest venture, Taste Agent, aims to make booking an influencer gig as easy as confirming an OpenTable reservation.

By coordinating comped meals and simplifying logistics through an easy-to-use platform, both operators and influencers get the marketing and engagement they crave.


Operators comp meals for influencers in exchange for social media exposure.

  • Operators time on platform is minimal

  • Taste Agent drives local buzz for local operators–bringing new customers in the door, and reminding existing customers to return


Influencers browse meals and jump at the chance to promote local restaurants.

  • Influencers feel valued through easy scheduling and reduced back-and-forth communication

  • Influencers have the opportunity to try new restaurants and build their audience with authenticity



We are piloting Taste Agent in Fall 2023 with a select batch of operators and influencers in the Chicagoland area. 

Interested in participating? Reach out to to be considered!

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